As part of our technology-enabled client experience, we use eMoney Advisor’s breakthrough software to help our clients maintain financial clarity. The platform includes an intuitive interface that you can view on any device, and planning and collaboration tools that help simplify the wealth management process.

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The Wealthstream Strategy for Retirement™

As you plan for retirement, it can be difficult to maintain a clear picture of how you can enjoy your retirement lifestyle in changing market conditions. This raises certain questions:

Evans May Wealth has decades of experience working with clients in understanding their retirement objectives, customizing investment portfolios, and designing tailored retirement income strategies.

Your Wealthstream Strategy for Retirement™

“Longevity is built into our practice, and this is something that matters to our clients. We can help you plan for a successful retirement knowing that we will be there to see you through it.”

Brooke V. May, CFP®
Managing Partner

Path to Financial Independence for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Because we are ourselves business owners, we understand the unique needs of entrepreneurs. We understand the financial issues that distract you from your focus and passion – building and growing your business. We create a path to financial independence outside your business.

We work with business owners to help provide:


Wealth Strategies for Corporate Insiders

Corporate executives face unique challenges. It can be difficult to separate your personal financial future from the success of your company. We have developed a disciplined approach to help executives improve financial security through wealth protection and diversification.


Our wealth strategies for corporate insiders includes:

  • Tracking and organizing restricted stock options in the context of their total net worth
  • Managing rule 144 considerations, including incentive and nonqualified stock options
  • Designing and implementing 10b5-1 plans
  • Identifying opportunities to mitigate tax while planning for retirement
  • Managing equity compensation, deferred compensation and partnership interests

The Total Net Worth Approach for Families

An investment portfolio is most effective when it’s built on an understanding of your entire financial picture. That’s why we take a total net worth approach that considers not just the portion of your wealth that you’re investing in conventional markets, but rather the whole inventory of assets and investments that make up your family’s net worth, from real estate to insurance policies.


For multigenerational families with complex financial and estate considerations, the Total Net Worth Approach helps maintain clarity while you work toward your goals.

“Your life is defined by the impact you have on others. When you have a team of trusted advisors who are in tune with your family and financial goals, you can grow your wealth and protect it as life evolves.”

Elizabeth E. Evans, CFP®
Managing Partner

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