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What We Do

The Evans May Approach

Within our in-house team, each member has a specialized role and together we work through a disciplined client process to implement comprehensive wealth strategies and maintain ongoing financial clarity.

Evans May Approach
  • STEP 1

    Your Financial Purpose

    We start with a meeting to gather relevant financial details, and to uncover the deeper purpose and priorities behind your wealth.
  • STEP 2

    Your Comprehensive Plan

    Our team performs a comprehensive analysis of your total net worth, including investments, business assets, real estate, insurance policies, estate plans and tax considerations. This enables us to build a strategic, goal-based plan.
  • STEP 3

    Your Investment Proposal

    Our team completes a thorough research and analysis process to tailor an investment proposal to your financial goals. We present this proposal to you for discussion and feedback and refine, if necessary.
  • STEP 4

    Your Family Office

    Throughout our relationship with you, we utilize our family office infrastructure to organize your financial life and keep it on track to meet your goals. We tailor our family office approach to your unique family needs and financial composition.
  • STEP 5

    Your Wealth Reviews

    We meet regularly to review your comprehensive financial plan and adjust for changes in financial objectives, market conditions, and tax and estate planning laws. In the interim, we communicate with you, providing quarterly performance reports, tax summary updates, net worth statements, and market insights and commentary.

“We start by understanding the more intangible aspects of your life, like your family dynamics or business legacy vision, yet many of the value-adds that come from this process are quantifiable, like tax loss harvesting or investment opportunities.”

Elizabeth E. Evans, CFP®
Managing Partner

A Family Office Approach to Wealth Management

As your life, family and wealth become more complex, it takes a family-office level of service to keep everything on track. We’ve taken our core investment expertise and market knowledge, and built around it a robust financial planning solution and first-class client service model.

Through this comprehensive wealth process, we help our clients manage and track not only their investments, but their whole financial lives.


This includes:

  • Comprehensive financial plans tailored to meet your financial goals
  • Full market analysis and tailored, risk-adjusted investment strategies that are actively managed and adjusted, as necessary
  • In-house due diligence performed for every investment decision
  • Dual in-house investment models and third-party models to help maximize alpha
  • Family-office client service model with regular performance reviews, customized reporting, and communication

“Our clients expect direct communication and honest conversation. We serve as a central coordinator of a family office network of advisors, regularly offering new ideas as we help manage your financial life.”

Brooke V. May, CFP®
Managing Partner

What does your family legacy look like?

For many families, the purpose of your wealth is closely tied to your vision of your family’s legacy, but questions of risk, longevity, and attrition create uncertainty and concern. In fact, 90% of U.S. families are affected by wealth attrition.

Each family’s needs are unique. We build an architecture that addresses the complexities – investments, personal and family considerations, changing market conditions – that will evolve over time as you’re building your wealth. This normally involves future generations coming to the table to communicate and collaborate, so that all family members are active stewards of their family’s wealth. We have found that this process helps reduce risk, increase longevity, eliminate attrition, and, ultimately, solidify your family legacy.


These strategies can include:

  • Tax-efficient investment vehicles and ongoing risk management
  • Long-term succession planning for families that integrates the rising generation into the process
  • Trusts, insurance and sophisticated wealth transfer strategies
  • Charitable giving plans with integrated tax strategies
  • Tax minimization strategies and family gifting

“We truly follow our own advice when it comes to investing. It’s common for us to recommend vehicles and securities that are part of our personal portfolios. That’s because, as fiduciaries, we have no other incentive than to help our clients reach their financial objectives.”

Elizabeth E. Evans, CFP®
Managing Partner

Retirement is all about longevity.

53% of wealthy investors expect to live to 100. For many, the biggest retirement question is about the longevity of wealth and lifestyle – you want to know that your lifestyle will not outpace your wealth.

Many of our clients are either retired or approaching retirement. We have decades of experience working with pre-retirees and retirees to design customized investment and retirement income strategies to ensure your wealth will last.


Our retirement wealth capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive financial plans that incorporate wealth preservation and retirement income strategies
  • Investing for pre-retirees, including 401(k), ROTH and rollovers
  • Understanding your retirement lifestyle in order to design retirement cash flow and withdrawal strategies
  • Social security benefits, Medicare/Medigap support, and Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) strategies
  • Specialized retirement programs like The Wealthstream Strategy for Retirement™ or the Path to Financial Independence for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

“Longevity is built into our practice, and this is something that matters to our clients. We can help you plan for a successful retirement knowing that we will be there to see you through it.”

Brooke V. May, CFP®
Managing Partner

How do you establish financial independence when your wealth is concentrated in a business or corporation?

34% of small business owners lack a retirement plan and almost 40% are not confident they can retire by age 65. When you have an equity stake in a business or corporation, managing and diversifying your wealth requires an in-depth understanding of the complexities of company stock, mitigating risk and effectively navigating business transitions.

We understand that for many business owners and executives, their business is their “baby” – you’ve cultivated it and grown it through years of hard work. For decades, we have guided business owners and Fortune 500 executives on a path to financial independence, through customized strategies that balance and diversify their holdings over time.


Our capabilities include:

  • In-depth knowledge of corporate benefits and equity compensation, including stock options, concentrated positions and tax considerations
  • A robust platform to help business owners organize, plan and build their wealth through the lifecycle of the business
  • The Path to Financial Independence, our comprehensive program to help enhance personal wealth for executives and business owners
  • Tax minimization strategies specific to business sales and transfers
  • Access to specialized lending products, investment banking teams, business valuation analytics, exit and buyout services, and deal structuring support

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