We had a great turnout at our webinar on June 25, 2024, where we dove into critical topics that can help you protect your assets and ensure your loved ones are taken care of. Rebecca Geyer, an estate planning attorney and founder of Rebecca W. Geyer & Associates, P.C. (bio) focuses on several topics in this live replay:

  • Lifetime Gifting vs. Legacy Gifting: Explore the pros and cons of different gifting strategies to optimize your estate planning.
  • Designating Key Roles: Receive guidance on selecting executors, trustees, and other essential roles in your estate plans.
  • Federal Estate Tax Exemption: Learn about the current exemption amounts and how to maximize your legacy gifts.
  • 2026 Tax Sunset: Understand the implications of the December 31, 2025 tax sunset and how they might affect your estate.

Rebecca shares her expertise as a practicing estate planning attorney with real-life examples and considerations for your estate planning goals. The discussion is insightful for those just beginning to consider estate planning, those looking to refine their existing plans, or anyone wanting to gain confidence in their current plans.


Please click here for a copy of the slides Rebecca presented during the webinar