Advisor Perspectives, Pandemic Creates More Opportunity for Roth Conversions


COVID-19 makes 2020 a good year for clients to consider a Roth conversion, says leading financial advisor Elizabeth “Lizzie” Evans.

I caught up with Evans, founder and managing partner of Evans May Wealth in Indianapolis, after I heard her speak on April 22 as part of the virtual panel, “The Road to Recovery – How the New Economy Might Look.” Led by Sylvia Jablonski, managing director, capital markets—institutional ETF strategist, at Direxion, it included others who have made names for themselves in the advisory business, including Julia Carlson, CEO and founder of Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group; Jeanette Garretty, a managing director and chief economist at Robertson Stephen Wealth Management; and Carin L. Pai, CFA, an executive vice president and head of equity management at Fiduciary Trust International. The panelists covered a multitude of topics, including the financial advice that they are providing to clients in these troubling times. [Read more…]